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Welcome to Essay as a Verb

In his essay,  Reading: The Art of the Essayist, James Krohe, Jr. (1987), introduced me to Michel Montaigne.  Who is Michel Montaigne, you ask?  He is the founder of the modern essay.

Montaigne’s motto was, “What do I know?”  He believed that essay writing was driven by the questions we ask, not the answers we offer.   He viewed essay writing as a process in which the writing spirit mattered more than the finished composition.

When I am essaying, I am in dialogue with world, even if the world doesn’t know it (D’Agata 2009).  However, my vision for this blog is to enjoy the writing spirit (mine and yours) even if it doesn’t always result in final answers or finished pieces.    I invite you to catch me in the act of contemplating and composing.

Franchetta J. Beckford




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